From Glottertal to Hilzinger Mill

After Anna and her brother have visited the Schwarzwaldklinik in Glottertal, they continue on. Their next destination is the Hilzinger Mühle. Suddenly, Anna sniffs the air and says, „It smells like garlic here. There must be wild garlic around.“ „You’re quite the sniffer,“ her brother says. „I don’t smell anything!“ „Sniffer, that word doesn’t even exist,“ Anna laughs. „You’re a real chatterbox!“

This time, Anna is mistaken. The word „Schnüffler“ does exist. Can you explain where the word comes from? I will tell Anna. Write your answer below in the comments and send it to me.

(Note: The word „Schnüffler“ comes from the German verb „schnüffeln,“ which means to sniff or smell, particularly in an inquisitive or investigative manner. „Schnüffler“ is commonly used to describe someone who is nosy or prying, trying to find out information or secrets.)

Where does the word „Sniffer“ come from?

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St Peter

St. Peter in the Black Forest. Monastery complex with a Baroque church and Rococo library

From Uhurock to St. Peter

After the strenuous ascent to the „Uhufelsen“ (Eagle Owl Rock), Anna and her brother must first take a rest. They sit down and gaze down into the Glottertal (Glotter Valley) towards „Ränke,“ a small settlement with a few farms. It’s not known for sure, but perhaps many eagle owls used to live on the rock in the past, and that’s why it’s called that way.

The scientific name of the Eurasian eagle owl is Bubo bubo. They belong to the large group of owls. Therefore, all Eurasian eagle owls are also owls, just like all strawberries are fruits.

From the „Uhufelsen,“ a small stream flows into the valley. Amphibians live in and around the water there. These are animals that can breathe both in water and on land. What is the name of the black and yellow animal that lives there?


The solution word has 15 letters. Write it down in the comments and send it to me.

From Hilzinger Mill to Uhurock

The mills in the Black Forest are powered by water flowing from the mountains down to the valley. In flat regions like Holland, there are windmills that are powered by the wind. Even today, in the Black Forest, there are still mills that grind wheat into flour using water power. But how is wheat turned into flour? Write the answer in the comments below and send it to me. Then I can tell Anna and her brother, who have already asked me about it.

Answer: To turn wheat into flour, the wheat grains are first cleaned to remove any impurities or foreign particles. Then, the wheat is ground into flour through a process called milling. The milling process involves crushing the grains between two large stones or metal rollers to break them apart and create a fine powder. The resulting flour is then sifted to separate any remaining coarse particles, leaving behind the smooth and fine wheat flour that we commonly use for baking and cooking.

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Die Hilzinger Mill

The Hilzinger Mill in Glottertal was built in 1621 and is likely one of the oldest in the Emmendingen district. And it still operates today. Klaus Ruf is a trained miller and lives with his wife near the mill. On special days, he puts the mill into operation and grinds the grain just as it was done hundreds of years ago.

Address of the Mill:
Talstr. 151a
(Straße zum Wuspenhof)
79286 Glottertal

From Denzlingen to Glottertal

Anna and her brother continue their journey towards St. Peter. As they pass through Denzlingen, they can already see Glottertal in the distance. „In Glottertal, there used to be the famous Schwarzwaldklinik (Black Forest Clinic). Buses with tourists who wanted to visit the clinic came from all over,“ explains Anna’s brother. „Some even wanted to have surgery there!“

„Why not?“ asks Anna.

Can you explain why having a real operation at the Schwarzwaldklinik was not a good idea? Then write your answer in the comments below. I will then explain it to Anna.

From Vörstetten to Denzlingen

after the excitement with the strange noise, which turned out to be just the roaring of a deer, Anna and her brother discover peculiar tracks on the forest floor. These are traces of an „ast Siberian Eumel Flying Dragon,“ says Anna’s brother, grinning. „He has no clue again,“ thinks Anna. „Just babbling nonsense!“





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From Schupfholz to Vörstetten

After it became clear that the white flowers she had discovered were anemones, also known as wood anemones, she and her brother continue their journey. Anna is a bit annoyed because it seems like her brother is not interested in anything. She actually finds such guys totally boring. The forest is getting darker now, and the trees are becoming denser. The path is overgrown with bushes and blackberry vines. Suddenly, they hear a loud noise! It sounds like someone burping loudly. Anna gets scared and hides behind her brother. „What is that?“ whispers Anna. Her brother just shrugs. But he, too, has turned quite pale. Dear Flo, can you find out what that noise is?

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From Holzhausen to Schupfholz

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After the adventure with the thunderstorm, which Anna and her brother survived thanks to your help, they continue hiking happily. They enter a forest where they discover numerous white flowers on the forest floor. „What kind of flowers are these?“ Anna asks her brother. „Am I Jesus, do I know everything?“ he replies and continues walking. But Anna wants to know. Can you help her?

If you know the name of the flowers, write your answer below in the comment and send it to me. I can then pass it on to Anna.

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From Neuershausen to Holzhausen

Anna was able to persuade her older brother to hike with her to St. Peter. Even though she always says he knows absolutely nothing, she is glad he’s joining her.

In St. Peter, there is a famous library that was founded by monks hundreds of years ago and is now one of the most beautiful libraries in Germany. There is a very old book there that Anna must photograph. Then she will have fulfilled her bet.

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However, on the way, they are surprised by a thunderstorm. How can one best survive a thunderstorm? Of course, her brother has no idea.

Dear Flo, now you must help. Find out how to behave properly during a thunderstorm and write your answer in the comment below. When you’re done, click on the „Submit Comment“ button. I’ll pass on your advice to Anna.

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Black Forest Tour

This is Anna. She is 10 years old. Anna enjoys playing theater. Here she is a monster that drives away other monsters. Sometimes she bets against her parents or her older brother. And he recently claimed that there is a great library in St. Peter. Anna was convinced that there isn’t one in such a small village. Unfortunately, she lost that bet. That’s why she has to hike from Neuershausen, where she lives, to Sankt Peter im Schwarzwald and check out the library. Luckily, her brother is accompanying her.

  1. From Neuershausen to Holzhausen
  2. From Holzhausen to Schupfholz
  3. From Schupfholz to Vörstetten
  4. From Vörstetten to Denzlingen
  5. From Denzlingento Glottertal
  6. From Glottertal to Hilzinger Mill
  7. From Hilzinger Mill to Uhufelsen
  8. From Uhufelsen toh St. Peter
  9. St. Peter