From Uhurock to St. Peter

After the strenuous ascent to the „Uhufelsen“ (Eagle Owl Rock), Anna and her brother must first take a rest. They sit down and gaze down into the Glottertal (Glotter Valley) towards „Ränke,“ a small settlement with a few farms. It’s not known for sure, but perhaps many eagle owls used to live on the rock in the past, and that’s why it’s called that way.

The scientific name of the Eurasian eagle owl is Bubo bubo. They belong to the large group of owls. Therefore, all Eurasian eagle owls are also owls, just like all strawberries are fruits.

From the „Uhufelsen,“ a small stream flows into the valley. Amphibians live in and around the water there. These are animals that can breathe both in water and on land. What is the name of the black and yellow animal that lives there?


The solution word has 15 letters. Write it down in the comments and send it to me.

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