The Association for Innovative School Development e.V. promotes creative approaches in schools and teaching. Together with the V.I.S., you can put into practice your ideas and achieve your goals.

Current Projects

Round Table 1

The Round Table – New Educational Plan and Equipment for Primary Schools

The aim of the Round Table is to support the participating schools in developing a tailored media usage concept (Medienentwicklungsplan) that meets their needs and possibilities, and to accompany the development process. In the initial phase, the focus will be on exchanging experiences, gathering ideas, and pooling synergies.

Round Table 2

VIS initiated a round table to support the development of Fritz-Boehle-Schule, which involved merging two faculties, transitioning to a full-day school, and undertaking renovation and modernization efforts. Regular meetings, hosted by VIS, brought together representatives from the school authority, building authority, extracurricular educational providers, the district media center, along with the school leadership and VIS.

Schools Today – Ready for the Future?

The results of the event with over 60 participants from school administration, research, teaching practice, and parenthood form the basis for the concrete further work on the topic „Making Schools Fit for the Future.“

Opening Event on February 19: School Today – Fit for the Future?

What should school be like? How could it be? These questions have been occupying parents, educators, teachers, and policymakers for many years. The answers and concepts vary greatly depending on individual interests.

The event aims to give voice to as many people as possible. In brief personal conversations with the experts, everyone can share their ideas, wishes, experiences, hopes, and disappointments. Every opinion counts, and every contribution is important!


These experts are looking forward to questions from the audience:

  • Angela Hauser, Managing Headmistress of the Emmendingen Schools and Director of Fritz-Boehle-Schule in Emmendingen
  • Sandra Hans, Parent Council Chairperson of Kastelberg School, Waldkirch, Member of the State Parent Council
  • Patrick Blumschein, Academic Director at PH Freiburg, Head of ZELF, Institute of Educational Science: Learning Research, Teacher Training


The event will be conducted using the so-called „Fishbowl Method.“ Two empty chairs will be placed alongside the experts. At the beginning, a person from the audience can take a seat on one of the chairs and present their concerns for discussion with the experts. When the second chair is occupied, the second person gains the right to speak and can contribute to the ongoing discussion. This also serves as a signal for the first person to conclude their remarks and vacate the chair. The process continues, with the second person’s concerns being discussed until the first chair becomes vacant again. This approach aims to ensure that a wide range of topics is brought up by the audience during the event.


The organizers of the event are the Association for Innovative School Development e.V. and the local SPD (Social Democratic Party) chapters of Emmendingen, Teningen, Denzlingen, Mundingen, and Waldkirch. However, it is not a partisan political event but rather a forum for the attendees to share their experiences and expectations regarding „School Today.“ The main focus is on finding common approaches to strengthening education at the local and state levels, as well as generating ideas and proposals for continuous improvements in the learning environment:

  • Enhancing learning conditions for students
  • Optimizing teaching and learning processes for educators
  • Promoting a stress-free and individualized learning environment for parents‘ children.

Contributions from the participants will be documented on a wall newspaper, briefly summarized at the end, and taken into account in local political work.


The event will be moderated by Dagmar Neubert-Wirtz, residing at Im Bohnenstock 23/1, 88433 Schemmerhofen. She is a Diplom-Politikwissenschaftlerin (Political Science Diplom) and Diplom-Soziologin (Sociology Diplom). She works as a trainer in adult education, specializing in Themenzentrierte Interaktion (Theme-Centered Interaction) according to Ruth Cohn. She has fourteen years of freelance experience in public relations for the German Bundestag, ten years of professional experience in adult education, and four years as a research assistant in the constituency office of a member of the Bundestag. Moreover, she has a long history of voluntary engagement in political parties and associations and regularly participates in further training. Since 2006, she has been working as a freelance trainer in communication, politics, and volunteerism.