Round Tables

Round Table on the Media Equipment of Elementary Schools in Emmendingen

The aim of the Round Table is to support participating schools in developing a media usage concept tailored to their needs and capabilities and to achieve synergies through collaborative efforts.

After 5 Round Table meetings, all elementary schools have created a Media Development Plan (MDP) and submitted it to the city on time. Thus, the needs of each individual elementary school are now available. The city will now advance a financing concept and implementation planning. The multiple financing commitments made by the federal and state governments for the digitalization of (elementary) schools are still under discussion. Even if the expected funds are released, there is a considerable need for additional financing that must be provided by the municipality. Department 4 (Family, Culture, City Marketing) will apply for the necessary funds for the upcoming budgets of the city of Emmendingen.

After the schools have done their homework, they are now in a waiting position. The further training of the teaching staff in the handling and pedagogically meaningful use of the new technical teaching media will be initiated in cooperation with the KMZ (District Media Center) after improvements in the equipment. Until improvements in the equipment of the schools are made, the existing media equipment will continue to be used as before. In addition, it is suggested to conduct a media project day/media literacy day for creative use of media (photo workshop, radio/sound workshop, audio stories, video workshop, and more) for the students at each school. The schools can receive support from the KMZ.

The identified financial needs for a contemporary media equipment of elementary schools are substantial. This includes technical equipment with hardware (laptops, tablets), software, some extensive structural measures, as well as further training for the teaching staff. Therefore, the financing can only be carried out step by step, as with the secondary schools. The latter have benefited from the process of bringing schools into the digital age, which was demanded by the Ministry of Education and was also supported by the state through the Media Initiatives I and II. After a multi-year process, the equipment of the secondary schools is considered satisfactory. However, elementary schools have been exempted from the requirement for media equipment so far. However, the need for catch-up in elementary schools has since been recognized. An improvement in their media equipment is now urgently needed. For the Town Administration and the Town Council , the equipment of elementary schools therefore has a high priority.

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