From Glottertal to Hilzinger Mill

After Anna and her brother have visited the Schwarzwaldklinik in Glottertal, they continue on. Their next destination is the Hilzinger Mühle. Suddenly, Anna sniffs the air and says, „It smells like garlic here. There must be wild garlic around.“ „You’re quite the sniffer,“ her brother says. „I don’t smell anything!“ „Sniffer, that word doesn’t even exist,“ Anna laughs. „You’re a real chatterbox!“

This time, Anna is mistaken. The word „Schnüffler“ does exist. Can you explain where the word comes from? I will tell Anna. Write your answer below in the comments and send it to me.

(Note: The word „Schnüffler“ comes from the German verb „schnüffeln,“ which means to sniff or smell, particularly in an inquisitive or investigative manner. „Schnüffler“ is commonly used to describe someone who is nosy or prying, trying to find out information or secrets.)

Where does the word „Sniffer“ come from?

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