From Neuershausen to Holzhausen

Anna was able to persuade her older brother to hike with her to St. Peter. Even though she always says he knows absolutely nothing, she is glad he’s joining her.

In St. Peter, there is a famous library that was founded by monks hundreds of years ago and is now one of the most beautiful libraries in Germany. There is a very old book there that Anna must photograph. Then she will have fulfilled her bet.

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However, on the way, they are surprised by a thunderstorm. How can one best survive a thunderstorm? Of course, her brother has no idea.

Dear Flo, now you must help. Find out how to behave properly during a thunderstorm and write your answer in the comment below. When you’re done, click on the „Submit Comment“ button. I’ll pass on your advice to Anna.

Good luck!

Your Grandpa

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