Black Forest Tour

This is Anna. She is 10 years old. Anna enjoys playing theater. Here she is a monster that drives away other monsters. Sometimes she bets against her parents or her older brother. And he recently claimed that there is a great library in St. Peter. Anna was convinced that there isn’t one in such a small village. Unfortunately, she lost that bet. That’s why she has to hike from Neuershausen, where she lives, to Sankt Peter im Schwarzwald and check out the library. Luckily, her brother is accompanying her.

  1. From Neuershausen to Holzhausen
  2. From Holzhausen to Schupfholz
  3. From Schupfholz to Vörstetten
  4. From Vörstetten to Denzlingen
  5. From Denzlingento Glottertal
  6. From Glottertal to Hilzinger Mill
  7. From Hilzinger Mill to Uhufelsen
  8. From Uhufelsen toh St. Peter
  9. St. Peter

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