Gerneral Assembly in Ulcinj, Montenegro

TOP 1 Equipping City and School Libraries with Literature

Chairman Hanspeter Hauke with „German Cabinet“ in the background

Hanspeter reported on the highly successful book collection campaign for Montenegro, during which approximately 5,000 German-language books were donated. Some of the donated books are now available in the „Deutsch-Kabinett“ (German Cabinet) at the Ulcinj Gymnasium.

The German students from Ulcinj Gymnasium had visited their partners in Freudenstadt in the Black Forest. Hanspeter had organized for them a guided tour through the Südwestrundfunk, German Television. They had come by bus to Baden-Baden and could take the books back to Montenegro by bus.

TOP 2 Activity Report

Interview with Eva Hauke, VIS, videographed by students. In the background: Andrea Zwerenz, VIS

The Büchersammelaktion (book collection campaign) was a significant achievement, and the collected books were successfully handed over to the intended recipients in Montenegro. This initiative aimed to support literacy and education in the region by providing access to a diverse range of German-language literature for individuals and educational institutions in Montenegro. The effort of collecting such a substantial number of books demonstrates the commitment and dedication of the participants involved in the campaign. The donated books will undoubtedly contribute to enriching the reading experiences and educational resources available in Montenegro.

VIS initiated a round table to support the development of Fritz-Boehle-Schule, which involved merging two faculties, transitioning to a full-day school, and undertaking renovation and modernization efforts. Regular meetings, hosted by VIS, brought together representatives from the school authority, building authority, extracurricular educational providers, the district media center, along with the school leadership and VIS.

The association took charge of funding the necessary iPads for a project at a Hauptschule (secondary school).

Currently, VIS is the driving force behind another round table in Emmendingen, where all primary schools participate. The goal is to organize the media development of primary schools in collaboration with the city and the district media center to achieve synergistic effects. For this purpose, the city has hired an IT specialist responsible for technical support at the schools in Emmendingen. The city provides media equipment to schools based on their individual media usage plans, submitted beforehand. Faculty training is conducted jointly by the district media center and VIS.

TOP 3 Optimizing Work to Achieve Association Goals

The members discussed ways to expand the association’s activities nationwide. Various institutions will be approached for cooperation, with GMK (Gesellschaft für Medienpädagogik und Kommunikationskultur) being considered as a good multiplier. As Hanspeter is no longer a member of GMK, Andrea Zwerenz, the deputy chairperson of LKM (Landesfachstelle für das kulturelle Schulwesen in Baden-Württemberg), will establish contacts with GMK, LKM, and other organizations (Paul Bartsch, Michael Retzlaf, Ursula Rumpf, Detlev Endevard). Andrea believes that Hanspeter could be invited to participate in their activities.

Additionally, an educational visit was made to a Gymnasium in Montenegro, where the VIS conducted an interview with Eva Maria Hauke regarding German classes using iPads.

TOP 4 Membership Recruitment

The association plans to create new, cost-effective flyers. They are also considering updating the homepage, with the possibility of a school taking on the design and development of the website as a pupils‘ project. Andrea will explore potential schools interested in this task and provide a report. However, the editorial supervision will remain with the board.

The most successful recruitment method is considered to be personal recommendations from acquaintances and interested parties. Members will try to recruit additional members from their personal networks.

TOP 5 Any other business

  • New addresses of VIS homepage:
  • Suggestions and feedback from members were discussed.
  • Future plans: Scandinavia is proposed as the venue for the next General Meeting, offering the opportunity to experience the educational system there firsthand. Additional suggestions for meeting locations are welcomed, and the board will make a proposal at the appropriate time.